About Us

Today, we have a complex and confusing behavioral healthcare system and therefore, a growing problem effectively treating mental health disorders, substance abuse and learning challenges at a reasonable cost.

There simply are not enough psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists in the world to help all those affected by these behavioral healthcare issues.  It's no wonder, almost 74% of patients go first to their primary care provider with these issues.

Primary Care Providers (general practitioners and pediatricians) do not specialize in mental healthcare, substance abuse or learning disabilities. They are, however, the first line of defense and want help to arrive at a more precise diagnosis and treatment for those patients. They also want assistance finding the right specialist to meet their patients' needs.

We created Mindyra to assist these practitioners with comprehensive diagnostic assessment tools and analyses to improve care while saving them and their patients time, money and heartache.

Our History

behavioral health test for doctors

Why We Started Mindyra

Each of us involved with Mindyra has had family members or friends affected by either mental illness or developmental issues.

We found it time consuming, expensive and challenging to get a precise diagnosis, related treatment plan and recommendation for specialists who matched our needs.

Mental health diagnostic tool

Today, There's a Better Way

We and millions of others mostly find a diagnosis or a therapist the old-fashioned way – by word of mouth and trial and error.

Amazingly, this archaic process continues in a time when behavioral health screening tools can significantly help us while driving down costs and improving the quality of the care.

Integrated behavioral care services

Integrative Behavioral Health Approach

If you break a bone, you know how your doctor will mend it. If you are depressed or anxious, you're not quite sure how it will be treated.

So we developed a system to help your family doctor treat any mental health disorder in a predictable way so you know what can be done, how it will be done, who will be doing it and how your treatment is progressing.

We are a group of industry experts with a passion for integrating mental health into primary care.

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