Impact of spending on mental health t

Mindyra Data Insights

Mindyra’s Data Insights allow organizations to drive significant improvement in care and savings in healthcare costs.

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Current state

  1. Behavioral care indirectly drives 44% of total healthcare costs
  2. Behavioral care data is of especially poor quality due to lack of systematically collected, comprehensive and comparative behavioral care data
  3. No consolidated, holistic (mental, physical, social, claims, other) view of individual health is available at scale

In many cases, organizations are guessing which healthcare and well-being programs will be most effective.

Impact of spending on mental health t

It's the Quality Not the Quantity of Data

Mindyra originates, combines and refines high-quality data from multiple sources to garner insights into early intervention strategies that are preventative and cost saving.


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Roadmap to Optimized Healthcare

  1. Investing in improved member mental health can maximize productivity and financial ROI
  2. Mindyra’s comprehensive collection of unique, high-quality, mental health data is consolidated with other standardized relevant datasets centered around the individual
  3. Analysis of standardized mental health and related datasets to:
    1. Understand overall health risk
    2. Use artificial intelligence to develop predictive analytics, including:
      1. The ability to mitigate risk by helping select and monitor the most effective wellness programs
      2. The selection of individualized early intervention strategies
  4. Identify and utilize internal and external benchmarks to determine the effectiveness of corporate health benefit programs

Organizations use insights from Mindyra’s de-identified, comprehensive database to select the right interventions, monitor their success, and optimally support members to maximize productivity and reduce costs.

Use Data to Drive Better Mental Health and Reduced Healthcare Costs

We are passionate about generating, combining, and analyzing high-quality data to provide valuable insights.