How It Works for Employers

Data-driven, customizable and effective solution that maximizes healthcare Return On Investment


Step 1: Assess Risk & Identify Needs

With Mindyra's Wellbeing Index™, an employer gets a snapshot of its entire employee population mental health, physical health and social needs. You only need a statistically significant number of employees to take the 10 minute survey and each employee's individual results are only available to them.

The employer gets a comprehensive report based on the de-identified, aggregated results.


Step 2: Deploy Physical & Mental Wellbeing Programs

Mindyra's Mental Health Program (MMHP) may be deployed with any wellbeing program including existing mental health tools and services.

By activating the MMHP, employers are providing the tools that employees can use to more precisely identify their mental health difficulties and and get directed to the care options tailored to those difficulties.


Step 3: Employee-Directed Care Plan

Once the employee has completed Mindyra's  self-administered 9-question screener, the Mindyra-9™, they may click to access resources for each difficulty.

Each ACCESS RESOURCES button leads to a comprehensive selection of care options specific to that difficulty, including educational materials, self-help options and professional help.


Step 4: Measure Care Progress

Employees can monitor their care progress easily in real time. They always have access to their care plan and options so they can switch to a different resource if one isn't working to their satisfaction.

De-identified, aggregated reporting shows the employer which programs are working most effectively to improve their employees' wellbeing.

With this data and machine learning, employers discover what health and wellbeing programs work best by employee type, constantly improving care and reducing overall heathcare costs.


"We selected Mindyra to be our behavioral care partner to provide wellness services to the employees of our corporate clients. They have developed a unique, integrated behavioral health solution that works to the great benefit of those in need. They can systematically measure the outcomes of the care programs we deliver together as partners. Corporations are demanding that results driven approach.”

Tom Tegler
CEO of Wellworks For You

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Mindyra Data Insights

Mindyra’s Data Insights allow employers to drive significant improvement in care and generate a substantial ROI

Current state - Old World

  1. Behavioral care indirectly drives 44% of total healthcare costs
  2. Behavioral care data is of especially poor quality due to lack of systematically collected, comprehensive and comparative behavioral care data
  3. No consolidated, holistic (mental, physical, social, claims, other) view of individual health is available at scale

In most cases employers are guessing which health benefits will meet the unique needs of their employees, leading to inefficiency, poor productivity, and increased costs.


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"High-quality data is the new oil"

Mindyra originates & combines high-quality data from multiple sources to garner insights into early intervention strategies that maximize ROI


Data Lake Machine Learning Applied (1)


Proposed state - New World

  1. Investing in improved employee mental health can maximize productivity and financial ROI
  2. Mindyra’s comprehensive collection of unique, high-quality, mental health data is consolidated with other standardized relevant datasets centered around the individual
  3. Analysis of standardized mental health and related datasets to:
    1. Understand overall health risk
    2. Use artificial intelligence to develop predictive analytics, including:
      1. The ability to mitigate risk by helping select and monitor the most effective wellness programs
      2. The selection of individualized early intervention strategies
  4. Identify and utilize internal and external benchmarks to determine the effectiveness of corporate health benefit programs

Employers use insights from Mindyra’s de-identified, comprehensive employee database to select the right interventions, monitor their success, and optimally support employees to maximize productivity and reduce costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the return on my investment in Mindyra?

Data shows a minimum of $4 return for every $1 invested.


What is the difference between Mindyra and other mental health programs?

Mindyra testing tools are clinically validated and proven to indicate mental health conditions that other tests miss. Read here to learn more about this critical issue

Mindyra's algorithms points the employee to a comprehensive selection of care options tailored to the employee's specific difficulties.

Mindyra are the clinical experts. Mindyra's software is used in 80 psychiatric hospitals across the country. Employers can now put that expertise to work to most effectively improve their employees' mental wellbeing.


Is Mindyra's software HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Mindyra complies with the highest levels of security for the heath care industry, HIPAA/HITECH compliant. Employee individual data is completely private and confidential. Employers cannot access individual employee data without an employee's permission.


Are Employees' Results Private?

Individual employee results are only accessible by the employee themselves and are never available to anyone who is not involved in their care.

Upon requesting care from a professional, an employee's testing results may be shared with the professional with whom they will work.

An employee, who schedules an appointment with a healthcare provider, will have a more valuable and targeted first session when the care provider can review the testing results prior to the employee's first appointment. It ensures that the time is spent focused on giving the employee what they need right away.


Is Reporting Available?

Yes. Although employers never have access to individual employee testing results, employers do have access to de-identified, aggregate reports. These reports give the employer an overview of the difficulties their employees are experiencing and the rate at which employees are improving.


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