How it Works for Care Providers

Four simple steps can revolutionize the way you treat mental health.


Step 1: Test and Diagnose

With the push of a button, see results from Mindyra's proprietary patient self-administered test. The only test that assesses diagnostic criteria for over 50 mental health disorders.

Patient-reported symptoms are presented to the clinician organized by relevant diagnostic criteria and integrated into the electronic medical record (EMR).

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Step 2: Treat and Educate

Using evidence-based algorithms, the care provider creates the treatment plan with a few clicks. Mindyra’s algorithms help diagnose and prescribe treatment with unprecedented validity.

Separately, the patient may access the educational materials specific to the diagnosis.


Step 3: Measure Progress

Mindyra's patient self-administered Care Progress Survey™ measures and monitors how the treatment is progressing at regular intervals.

The Care Progress Survey measures progress across 74 behavioral disorders. The treatment plan may be adjusted based on the patient-reported results.

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Step 4: Analyze Data

Consistent collection of behavioral health data integrated with physical health data and socioeconomic factors will generate optimized care metrics and predictive analytics.

Transparent AI and machine learning enables you to discover what treatments work best by patient type, constantly improving care.


“We hired Mindyra to establish an outcome measurement system across all our Acute, Residential, Specialty and some of our CTC businesses, approximately 80 hospitals and outpatient programs in total. They developed and manage our testing database and related reporting system allowing us to better understand what works and what does not in real time by facility, by division and company-wide. We now have measures in place that help us benchmark our services and prove to payers what is effective for patients.”

Michael Genovese, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer of Acadia Healthcare

Leading Edge Technology AUTOMATES Testing, Triage, and Treatment for Better Mental Health Outcomes



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Frequently Asked Questions

How does using Mindyra affect my workflow?

Mindyra is designed to fit a care provider's workflow. It saves time diagnosing and creating a treatment plan. Many appreciate Mindyra's technology to automate the documentation of clinical encounters.


Can Mindyra integrate with my Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software?

Yes. The degree of integration will vary depending on which EMR you are using.


What is the reliability of Mindyra's Assessment Test?

Our Mind Health Survey™ is a valid and reliable assessment for up to 74 mental health disorders.


How do you measure outcomes across all treatment plans?

Our Care Progress Survey™ is a valid and reliable instrument which measures degrees of impairment measured in the patient at intervals set by the care provider.


Who is Mindyra's Testing for?

Our proprietary testing covers the total population including children, adolescents, adults and seniors.


How many conditions does Mindyra's Testing cover?

74 conditions are covered in ONE assessment test for adults and seniors. 55 conditions are covered in ONE assessment test for children and adolescents.


How can Mindyra help with substance abuse issues?

In addition to our screener, which can more precisely indicate the major substance use disorders or injuries, Mindyra powers professional evaluations and treatment plans for mild to severe cases. For severe cases, Mindyra can connect the patient with third party 30-day clinics and long-term care recovery programs as needed.


Are Mindyra's proprietary tests reimburseable by major payers?

Yes. Medicare and major private health insurance companies reimburse for all Mindyra's tests.

What Mindyra Data Insights Can Do For You

Make faster, more accurate, healthcare decisions with Mindyra's comprehensive, authoritative and filtered data.

Stop guessing about which programs are most effective at improving your population health and reduce your costs.


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