Pricing Guide for Employer Programs

Mindyra provides significant ROI: operational costs saved far outweigh the price of the software.

How Our Pricing Works for Payers

A simple price per employee per month allows for unlimited testing, reporting and platform access to identify co-morbid emotional health issues that may be impacting the cost of caring for your employees with chronic health conditions or substance abuse issues.

Simple Per Employee per Month (PEPM) Pricing

Mindyra's testing center has our three proprietary tests that your employees can access anytime from any internet-connected device. The results are available for your employees immediately upon completion of each test. 

Employees may confidentially share the test results with the care provider of their choice, including on-site providers, or elect to consult with tele-care-provider professionals if you decide to add that feature.

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Featured Add Ons

After taking Mindyra's proprietary Mind Health Survey™, which is completely confidential, employees may elect to review the results with a professional care provider either on-site or via our secure video conferencing portal. There are several options from which an employee may choose and are available within 48 hours.


See How Mindyra Can Reduce Total Healthcare Costs

Learn how you can reduce lost worker output and the ever-increasing amount you are spending to treat your employees with chronic illnesses and substance abuse issues.