Streamline the Treatment of Mental Health

The system that can save you time and dramatically improve the lives of your patients affected by behavioral and substance use disorders.

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The Secret that is Hurting Your Practice

You are under immense pressure to see the most patients you can in a day. Many patients present both emotional and physical symptoms which makes diagnosing complex and time consuming. Additionally, once you've diagnosed them, it's been difficult to get them the care they need and want due to a lack of availability and an efficient way to refer them to the appropriate specialist.

What if you could treat more of your patients with comorbid mental and physical health conditions more effectively and efficiently?

Leading Edge Technology AUTOMATES Testing, Triage, and Treatment for Better Outcomes

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"FasPsych has had the opportunity to work with Mindyra and has been extremely impressed with the measurement tools and technology they have developed to ensure patients are receiving the best possible behavioral care. These tools are ideal for doctors who operate in an at risk, value based or collaborative care environment, to monitor both the clinical effectiveness of their treatment programs and their positive financial return on investment.”

Abraham Barton
CEO of FasPsych

What Mindyra Data Insights Can Do For You

Make faster, more accurate, healthcare decisions with Mindyra's comprehensive, authoritative and filtered data.

Stop guessing about which programs are most effective at improving your population health and reduce your costs.


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Numbers Don’t Lie

Significantly improve diagnostic accuracy and treatment outcomes with your patients who have mental health issues while saving time!

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Learn how you can save time, treat better and revolutionize the way you approach emotional health with Mindyra.


Reduce Diagnosis Time

Get to the right diagnosis faster!

Patient self-reported symptoms are presented to the clinician organized by relevant diagnostic criteria. Confirmation of the self-reported symptoms can be done in less than a minute during the rooming process.


Prescribe the Right Treatment Consistently

You’ll be linked to the best, evidence-based treatment planning tools based on the more precise diagnosis for your patient. This means you can be confident in the diagnosis and treatment plan.

Creating and executing on a treatment plan is easier than ever. You are able to create a treatment plan for your patient with just a few clicks.


Better Treatment Plans. Better Outcomes.

Treatment plans powered by scientific analysis allows your patients to get exactly  what they need, when they need it. This leads to better, and faster results in their outcomes.

The consistent methodology of treatment planning and care progress measurement with Mindyra's proprietary testing and digital-health tools generates scientific data which can lead to optimized care.


Get Control of Substance Abuse

Mindyra has specific assessment tools and care resources proven to help speed the recovery from and reduce the relapse of substance abuse. Self-administered screener and assessment assure privacy as do third party care resources.

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Increase Your Reimbursement for Emotional Health Treatment

Instead of just being a cost center, you can use Mindyra to generate additional revenue.

All our tests are reimbursable and cover the total population: children, adolescents, adults and seniors.

Additionally, using Mindyra provides the ability to code for greater complexity without the extra administrative work. You can also save valuable time in determining and documenting your patient's Risk Adjustment Factor with Mindyra's tools. 

How it Works

Make it easy for your patients to help you help them starting before they come for their appointment.

Make it easier, faster and more precise for you to diagnose and treat your patients with mental health disorders.

Test and Diagnose

Your patient completes a self-administered test, assessing diagnostic criteria for over 60 mental health disorders.

Treat and Educate

You can simply and easily create a treatment plan in minutes based on proven, evidence-based algorithms.

Measure Progress

Monitor treatment progression at regular intervals using our proprietary, self-administered progress surveys.

Analyze Data

Predictive analytics will help optimize care by individual patient. Your care plus our analytics for your patients' increased well-being! 

See How Mindyra Can Change Your Practice

Learn how you can save time, treat better and revolutionize the way you approach emotional health with Mindyra.

Software that Changes the Way You Treat Emotional Health

Simplify your approach to mental, emotional and behavioral health with Mindyra.

See How Mindyra Can Change Your Practice

Learn how you can save time, treat better and revolutionize the way you approach emotional health with Mindyra.