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Almost 74% of patients initially go to their primary care provider for treatment of mental health issues, substance abuse or learning disabilities. But primary care providers do not specialize in these issues.

The good news is that Mindyra now provides tools for them to make more precise diagnoses, develop related treatment plans and locate specialists to co-treat their patients.

That's where Mindyra's technology comes in.

  • Doctors can now administer Mindyra's powerful, validated assessment tools via a mobile device
  • Get the latest, evidence-based treatment guidelines and pharma consult for over 50 specific diagnoses
  • Locate and vet specialist to co-treat the patient
  • Measure treatment progress
  • Coordinate care with the specialist and patient
  • Reduce employer healthcare cost by integrating behavioral and physical care.

We're a group of industry experts with a passion of improving mental health treatment.