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Why We Developed  Mindyra MindHealth Navigator™

Individuals today have the desire to seek help for mental health struggles, education, and mental health maintenance to guard against burnout and mental health decline. However, they are not sure where to start, what resources to access, and are concerned that they won't receive high quality care customized to their unique needs and symptoms. In the vast and vague sea of mental health resources, Mindyra delivers personalized and data-driven mental health tools to enhance the resilience and function of users searching for clarity.


The All-in-One, Turnkey Mental Health Solution for Employers, Colleges & Universities, and Non-Profits

It’s not news that mental health is at the forefront of the most challenging issues facing humanity at this time.

  • Suicides are the second leading cause of death for people age 10 to 34.
  • Substance abuse killed twice as many people as automobile accidents did last year.
  • The percent of people reporting mental health disorders has doubled since the onset of COVID-19. 

Employers, educators, and administrators are overwhelmed with the plethora and variety of mental health services, products and providers in the marketplace. These key decision makers need to find a solution now and do not have the time or inclination to piece together a variety of resources to formulate a comprehensive solution that is applicable for all the members of their community. 

Mindyra’s all-in-one solution not only solves the multiple supplier problem for these organizations, but also addresses the other key pain points of complicated and difficult to implement solutions and solutions that don’t garner significant engagement.

Mindyra MindHealth Navigator™ solves all these problems for these organizations.




"There is not one of us at Mindyra who has not been impacted by mental health difficulties. We are shocked by the high percentage of misdiagnoses and missed diagnoses and how that leads to treatments that don't work, hurts our loved ones and drives up the overall cost of health care. It's a huge problem that is long overdue for an effective solution."

Bill Battey
CEO, Mindyra Health Corporation

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