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Mindyra is a digital behavioral health company, whose toolkit is used by 80 psychiatric hospitals to measure outcomes and track progress. Mindyra now also offers this clinical expertise to employers so they can effectively address the growing issue of mental health in the workplace.


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"There is not one of us at Mindyra who has not been impacted by mental health difficulties. We are shocked by the high percentage of misdiagnoses and missed diagnoses and how that leads to treatments that don't work, hurts our loved ones and drives up the overall cost of health care. It's a huge problem that is long overdue for an effective solution."

Bill Battey
CEO, Mindyra Health Corporation

Who Uses Mindyra and Why?

Employers, Employees and Healthcare Professionals

"We selected Mindyra to be our behavioral care partner to provide wellness services to the employees of our corporate clients. They have developed a unique, integrated behavioral health solution that works to the great benefit of those in need. They can systematically measure the outcomes of the care programs we deliver together as partners. Corporations are demanding that results driven approach.”

Tom Tegler
CEO of Wellworks For You

What Mindyra Data Insights Can Do For You

Make faster, more accurate, healthcare decisions with Mindyra's comprehensive, authoritative and filtered data.

Stop guessing about which programs are most effective at improving your population health and reduce your costs.


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Mental Health is a Continuum Ranging from Mental Wellness to Acute Illness

Employers and healthcare professionals need to use a solution that identifies and addresses the rising risk, proactive versus reactive


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                                                                                                                         Source: Definitive Healthcare (2019); Enrollment Projection Tool; Truven commercial data set (2018); McKinsey analysis

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