Connor Patros Ph.D., our Chief Clinical Officer, discusses the link between employees #mentalhealth and productivity and the key steps to consider.

While thinking holistically about employee mental health is a great step, what often happens when companies adopt this approach is that they end up providing a lot of resources without tailoring them to the specific needs of their employee population. Then companies are surprised when they look at engagement data and find these resources are being underutilized if they are being utilized at all.

The fact is that employee populations vary in terms of their needs. For example, employees representing a medium-sized manufacturing company are likely to have different needs when compared to those working at a medium-sized technology company. To make things more complex, it is not improbable to think that the needs of two nearly identically sized manufacturing companies, perhaps even located in the same region, may be entirely different. Without measuring what your employees are looking for, how can you provide it?

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