Mindyra Healthcare, a leading behavioral health technology company, has expanded outcome measurement testing with Acadia Healthcare, a leading provider of behavioral healthcare services.

Acadia Healthcare has been utilizing Mindyra’s outcome measurement testing since 2020. The success of this partnership has led to the integration of Mindyra’s testing into Acadia’s new Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. By incorporating testing into Acadia’s EMR, the company aims to streamline its outcome measurement process and enhance patient care.

With a goal to provide the highest quality care, Acadia plans to implement Mindyra’s outcome measurement testing at many of its facilities by the end of 2024. Testing is conducted at admission and discharge, enabling Acadia to closely monitor each patient’s progress throughout their treatment journey.

The data collected from this outcome measurement testing will be analyzed collaboratively by Mindyra and Acadia. Using this data over time, Mindyra aims to help Acadia predict optimal treatment modalities for patients, ensuring that they receive timely and appropriate care. Furthermore, it will enable Acadia to empirically demonstrate the quality of care provided by its acute facilities, as well as develop industry-wide benchmarks for patient improvement across the acute care setting. In the acute psychiatric space, this is a major leap in the direction of gold-standard care.

“In our work with Acadia Healthcare over the last four years, together with the Company’s clinical team, we have developed a standard of testing and benchmarking that is appropriate for them as a leader and innovator in behavioral healthcare. The use of this systematically collected outcome data, and its analysis, will support Acadia’s measurement-based care initiative across all lines of service and support Acadia’s ability to independently prove the high quality of care that they deliver every day”, said Bill Battey, CEO of Mindyra Health.

About Mindyra Health: Mindyra Health is a pioneering mental health technology company that offers innovative solutions for mental healthcare with its assessment and treatment outcome measurement technology. Their proprietary testing and analytics enable healthcare providers to make data-driven decisions and deliver personalized care.

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