Better Mental Health starts with the science behind better testing and outcome measurement

Mindyra's testing prowess and unmatched care guidance system are a result of years of working closely with leading clinical experts and the largest, stand-alone, healthcare company. The testing helps care providers more precisely diagnose patients, measure outcomes, and prove the quality of care. What's more, Mindyra's tools can be deployed to optimize patient engagement post-discharge, establishing real-time metrics on mental health status, risk profile, and care plan adherence.

Mindyra has developed a behavioral care testing and related protocol for healthcare systems to support their Measurement-Based Care initiatives by measuring outcomes in support of clinical psychiatric protocol for five lines of service:

  • Acute care
  • Residential care
  • Specialty care
  • Outpatient - IOP, POP care
  • Outpatient - opioid care

Mindyra's MindHealth Navigator™ can be deployed to optimize patient engagement post-discharge, establishing real-time metrics on mental health status, care plan adherence, likelihood to readmit, and progression over time.

Mobile Phones

Measurement-Base Care

Mindyra’s proprietary Measurement-Based Care Testing streamlines the process of capturing and evaluating behavioral health symptom complexity, progress, and outcomes at every step of the patient journey. 

Personalized Post-Discharge Resources

Delivered post-discharge via mobile app, Mindyra’s MindHealth Navigator™ features proprietary behavioral health testing – based on DSM-5 criteria – that enables patients to self-assess, track and report on their care progress, and enhance their wellbeing and resilience on an ongoing basis.

Learning Library
Learning Library

Mindyra has an extensive library of informational resources and literature that each individual will have access to regarding their specific health needs

Personalized Tips & Apps
Personalized Tips & Apps

Based on the unique issues affecting each individual, the Mindyra MindHealth NavigatorTM will provide a selection of actionable wellbeing tips and self-guided support including the highest rated, vetted mobile apps

Peer Support
Peer Support

Individuals have the opportunity to connect with peers who are experiencing the same challenges and are following a similar care path


For more intensive mental health care, individuals are able to select and talk to professional therapist using teletherapy. Emergency support also available.

Organizational Resources
Organizational Resources

Utilize the MindHealth NavigatorTM to augment your existing resources and as an internal hub for mental health and resilience.

Dynamic Progress Tracking

Administrators have access to their deidentified population data, which can be easily sorted to track their own key performance indicators. 

Dynamic Progress Tracking

Comprehensive Analytics

Whether it's a hospital system measuring outcomes or individuals tracking their care progress, the analysis of this systematically collected data helps gain the insight to provide ever improving treatment.

Comprehensive Analytics

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Mindyra's testing protocol and other psychiatric testing protocols in behavioral care?

Working with the largest, stand-alone behavioral health organization in America and a team of independent clinical advisors, Mindyra developed a testing protocol for the 5 lines of behavioral care services:

1) Acute Care
2) Residential Care
3) Specialty Care
4) Outpatient - IOP/PHP Care
5) Outpatient - Opioid Care

We have tested these protocols for 4 years using one of the largest behavioral care patient data sets in the country. The goal for each healthcare system is to help them determine their own "gold standard of care" -- what works best for their patients by line of sevice.

Is there research available on the various testing protocols Mindyra has developed?

Yes , available upon request.

Does Mindyra only use its own proprietary measures in testing?

No, in fact, the independent and company advisors to Mindyra suggest that the use of both proprietary and public domaine testing would add significantly to the completeness of the data collected.

Does Mindyra provide testing and support services to patients after discharge or after completion of an outpatient program?

Yes, the MindHealth Navigator™ (MHN) app can be labeled with your organization's brand (powered by Mindyra) to deliver post discharge longitudinal testing and mental health support services. The MHN can be linked into your EHR.

Is testing reimbursable by government or commercial payers?

While each payer contract is different, each test taken in outpatient care (IOP/PHP/Post Discharge) is generally reimbursable. Collection can be automated.

Is reporting available?

Yes. Reporting of any Key Performance Indicator important to the healthcare organization is available.

Can Mindyra be integrated into my EHR or proprietary medical records system?

Yes. We work with the healthcare organization to integrate into its record keeping or payment system.

A powerful solution for any healthcare system

“We hired Mindyra to establish an outcome measurement system across our entire organization. We now have measures in place that help us benchmark our services and help prove to payers what is most effective for patient care. The application of Mindyra’s MindHealth NavigatorTM for supporting post discharge patients and the provision of mental health benefits for employees is compelling. Mindyra’s software applications present a powerful solution for any large healthcare system.”

Michael Genovese, JD, MD, CMO of Acadia Healthcare

Mindyra is a great partner in supporting our goal to provide mental health services for our employees and members

“As one of the largest YMCAs in the country, our objective is to promote healthy living in spirit, mind, and body for our staff and members. We selected Mindyra for their ability to deliver a full service mental health care platform which covers the full spectrum of solutions we require to serve our diverse staff and members. A key component to successfully deploying employee support programs like Mindyra’s is receiving constant support and guidance throughout the implementation process, which Mindyra provides with great quality and consistency.”

Marjorie G. Cregg, Chief Advancement Officer of YMCA of the North Shore

A robust mental health support system for college athletes at a great price

“At MTSU, we were looking for a resource for all our student-athletes to understand mental health and have access to care. After vetting several options, we chose Mindyra as our partner. They had a more robust offering at a great price!”

Drew Shea, MS, ATC, LAT, Associate Athletic Director of Sports Medicine at MTSU

Full Service Mental Health Support System Delivered on College Campuses

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, Spartan Medical provided on-site operations testing and vaccine management to the Department of Veterans Affairs, state governments, K-12 schools, and an award winning turn-key solution for college campuses. We are now focusing our knowledge, skills, and experience on the hidden pandemic plaguing universities…The Mental-Health Crisis. By partnering with Mindyra, we are providing a comprehensive solution designed to build resilience and provide mental health fitness and well-being for the entire campus community, not only those in critical need. We pride ourselves on targeting big issues, and with help from the team at Mindyra, mental health support on college campuses is now a capability we deliver.”

Vince Proffitt, CEO of Spartan Medical Inc.

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