Example: Secure, HIPAA Compliant Mental Health App

User Experience Example: All-in-one mind health app

Step 1:  The user registers, reads and accepts the Terms and Conditions.

Step 2:  The user completes a 9-question screener to help them more precisely identify any mental health challenges they may have.

Step 3:  Based on the user's answers, the app provides five care options specific to the user's indicated difficulties.

Step 4:  Then the app will remind the user to take a Care Progress Survey™ so they can see how they are improving in their day-to-day functioning.

The five care option pillars are:

  • Educational videos and articles
  • Self Help
    • Mental resilience tools
    • Vetted self-help apps
  • Professional Help
    • Peer-to-peer support
    • Licensed, mental health tele-therapists 

All user information is completely private and confidential. User data will never be sold.


Step 1: Register and Accept Terms


Step 2: Complete 9-Question Survey


Step 3: Select Care Path™


Step 4: Track Care Progress

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Mindyra and other mental health programs?

Mindyra testing tools are clinically validated and proven to indicate mental health conditions that other tests miss. Read here to learn more about this critical issue

Mindyra's algorithms points the individual to the most comprehensive selection of care options available, all tailored to the the individual's specific difficulties.

Mindyra are the clinical experts. Mindyra's testing has been validated in over 80 psychiatric hospitals across the country. Organizations can now put that expertise to work to most effectively improve their employees', students' and members' mental wellbeing.


Is Mindyra's software HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Mindyra complies with the highest levels of security for the heath care industry, HIPAA/HITECH compliant. Individual data is completely private and confidential. Organizations cannot access individual data without an their permission.


Are Users' Results Private?

Individual results are only accessible by themselves and are never available to anyone who is not involved in their care.

Upon requesting care from a professional, a user's testing results may be shared with the professional with whom they will work.

Individuals, who schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider, will have a more valuable and targeted first session when the care provider can review the testing results prior to the first appointment. It ensures that the time is spent focused on giving the individual what they need right away.


Is Reporting Available?

Yes. Although organizations never have access to individual testing results, they do have access to de-identified, aggregate reports. These reports give administrators an overview of the difficulties their employees, students or members are experiencing and the rate at which they are improving.


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