Employers need a centralized solution for employee and their dependents mental health support and education. However, existing solutions in the market add complexity for administrators and lack clarity for users.

Healthcare organizations need a proven Measurement-Base Care solution to help guide inpatient intervention and a mobile app that enables patients to self-assess, track their care progress, and enhance their wellbeing post discharge. 

Educational Institutions need a centralized solution for student, employee and their family mental health support and education.

Bill Battey
Bill Battey
Founder & CEO
“Since the Company’s founding we have been interested in improving the accuracy and timeliness of the detection of mild, moderate and severe mental health challenges, and using our analysis of the outcome data to direct care to the optimal care pathway for each individual as their condition evolves over time.”

Who We Serve

Whether you’re a company, healthcare organization, or educational institution  Mindyra’s full-service platform delivers superior health outcomes.

For Employers

For Healthcare Organizations

For Educational Institutions

Personalized mental health

Diverse and individualized mental health solutions within a single, easy-to-use, fully self-guided app experience that gives your entire population the support they need—when, where, and how they need it.

Flexibility for program administration

Deliver a robust mental health program to every individual without adding unnecessary complexity or increasing the administrative burden.

Clinical rigor made simple and accessible

Years of clinical development and implementation have led to Mindyra's proprietary diagnostic indication and outcome measurement testing,  smart care guidance system, and easy user experience.

Our Approach

Fast & Acccurate
Fast & Accurate Self-Assessment

Mindyra’s streamlined, 9-question mental health survey helps individual's to accurately identify the issues that are most acutely impacting their lives.

Instant Care Path
Instant, Personalized Care Paths

Mindyra’s proprietary algorithm delivers highly targeted resources based on both the DSM-5 and the individual's self-reported, issue-based urgency.

Real Time Progress Tracking
Real-Time Progress Tracking

People can track their progress based on their individualized recommendations in four key areas of life – self-care, social, family, and work/school.

Fast Facts

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Better Outcomes

As high as 71% of individuals engaged in a Mindyra Care Pathway™ show improvement in their mental health outcomes.

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Better Engagement

Mindyra’s engagement rate is 6-10x higher than the industry average for Employee Assistance Programs (EAP).

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Better Returns

For every dollar invested in a multi-dimensional platform, the organization gets a nine-to-one return. (Source: Deloitte)

Mindyra is a great partner in supporting our goal to provide mental health services for our employees and members

“As one of the largest YMCAs in the country, our objective is to promote healthy living in spirit, mind, and body for our staff and members. We selected Mindyra for their ability to deliver a full service mental health care platform which covers the full spectrum of solutions we require to serve our diverse staff and members. A key component to successfully deploying employee support programs like Mindyra’s is receiving constant support and guidance throughout the implementation process, which Mindyra provides with great quality and consistency.”

Marjorie G. Cregg, Chief Advancement Officer of YMCA of the North Shore

A powerful solution for any healthcare system

“We hired Mindyra to establish an outcome measurement system across our entire organization. We now have measures in place that help us benchmark our services and help prove to payers what is most effective for patient care. The application of Mindyra’s MindHealth NavigatorTM for supporting post discharge patients and the provision of mental health benefits for employees is compelling. Mindyra’s software applications present a powerful solution for any large healthcare system.”

Michael Genovese, JD, MD, CMO of Acadia Healthcare

A robust mental health support system for college athletes at a great price

“At MTSU, we were looking for a resource for all our student-athletes to understand mental health and have access to care. After vetting several options, we chose Mindyra as our partner. They had a more robust offering at a great price!”

Drew Shea, MS, ATC, LAT, Associate Athletic Director of Sports Medicine at MTSU

Full Service Mental Health Support System Delivered on College Campuses

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, Spartan Medical provided on-site operations testing and vaccine management to the Department of Veterans Affairs, state governments, K-12 schools, and an award winning turn-key solution for college campuses. We are now focusing our knowledge, skills, and experience on the hidden pandemic plaguing universities…The Mental-Health Crisis. By partnering with Mindyra, we are providing a comprehensive solution designed to build resilience and provide mental health fitness and well-being for the entire campus community, not only those in critical need. We pride ourselves on targeting big issues, and with help from the team at Mindyra, mental health support on college campuses is now a capability we deliver.”

Vince Proffitt, CEO of Spartan Medical Inc.

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