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Digital health care tools to more precisely diagnose and coordinate care for all affected by emotional, behavioral and substance use disorders.

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About Us

Today, we have a complex and confusing behavioral healthcare system and a growing problem effectively treating mental health, substance abuse and learning challenges at a reasonable cost.

Almost 74% of patients go first to their family doctor with these issues. Yet, diagnosing and treating these issues is not your family doctor's specialty.

That's exactly why we created Mindyra, to effectively integrate behavioral health and primary care. Our automated tool assists doctors with patient analysis and patient treatment, thus improving care while saving everyone time, money and heartache. 

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How Mindyra Works

We've developed a simple, easy way for you to help us help you and it only takes a ten minutes.

It all starts with Mindyra’s proprietary diagnostic assessment test for integrative behavioral health. It is the most accurate tool for indicating over 60 mental health, substance abuse and learning conditions for children, adolescents and adults.

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Integrative Behavioral Health News and Challenges

Learn more about our mental health screening tool, and how it is improving integrated behavioral health services.

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