Mindyra: Powering Better Behavioral Health Care

Digital health care tools to more precisely diagnose and coordinate care for individuals affected by emotional, behavioral and substance use disorders.

How It Works: Smart, Validated Technology

About Us

Emotional health conditions such as anxiety, stress and depression have many variables and can be difficult to diagnose and treat effectively.

Mindyra's patent-pending, digital-health platform with smart testing, diagnostic guidance, treatment planning, patient education and outcome monitoring tools provide an end-to-end solution for care providers and individuals.

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Developed & Tested with Doctors

Mindyra's online health survey of specially designed questions were created by a team of doctors to help them to diagnose a patient's emotional health concerns quickly and easily.

The survey can be done in the comfort of home or in a doctor's office. Once completed, the survey will be reviewed by your health care provider.

Mindyra helps your health care provider to make a diagnosis and treat you, just like any other medical test. Think of this important survey as a "blood test for the mind"™. Your mental health coincides so closely with your physical health. They work together and should be cared for together.

Integrative Behavioral Health News and Challenges

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