According to the Harvard School of Public Health, 35% of lost worker productivity is attributed to poor mental health. It's the leading cause of lost worker output.

Employees, who are struggling with emotional and behavioral health issues, want help to alleviate the associated symptoms. Those employees are concerned about the stigma associated with emotional health issues yet want a clear and confidential path to feeling better. Today, they expect their employer to offer the same kind of benefits for their mind health as they get for their physical health.


A profitable solution

With Mindyra, employees can securely access our proprietary tests from your benefits site to more precisely determine what the issues are. Mindyra then connects them with your in-network providers, tele-therapy professionals and self-help tools, whatever options the employee wants to engage to feel better.

An employer, offering the benefits of our tools for employees can reduce up to 15% of its health care costs.

The Proof is in the Data

The inefficiencies and ineffectiveness of the current health care system in diagnosing and treating behavioral health conditions have created a huge opportunity to streamline the process, providing better care at lower cost. Currently one in five patients, on average, has some form of mental health condition. Patients with chronic physical health issues are, understandably, twice as likely to suffer from a mental health issue, such as depression. But rather than seeking out a mental health professional, more than 70% of Americans turn to their primary care physicians for help with depression. Not surprisingly, 50% of the time the diagnosis is inaccurate, which can lead to costly complications.

Mindyra integrates primary care and behavioral health to address these issues head-on, provide better care, and ultimately increase the overall wellbeing of your workforce.

A healthier workforce = reduced health care costs for your organization.




  • Child Assessment
  • Child Progress
  • Adult Assessment
  • Adult Progress


  • Data Analytics
  • Specialists Panel Vetting
  • Cost Reduction Analysis


See how we can reduce up to 15% of your organization’s health care cost.

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