Electronic Tests

Our list of electronic tests includes Mindyra's proprietary screeners, assessments and tests as well as a selection of those that are in the public domain. The advantage to administering the public domain screeners through Mindyra is that they will then be included in the patient's progress summary and reports automatically.


Mindyra-9 (M-9) is a nine question screener  for the common emotional concerns of anxiety, depression, sleep, trauma, stress and substance abuse. It only takes a minute to complete.

Mind Health Survey™ (MHS) is a diagnostic indicator for over 60 emotional and behavioral conditions.

Care Progress Survey™ (CPS) is a tool for measuring the treatment outcome for over 60 emotional and behavioral conditions.

Public Domain

GAD-7 is a screening tool for generalized anxiety disorder.

PHQ-9 is a screening tool for diagnosing and monitoring severity of depression.

TAPS 1 & 2 screen for substance abuse. Brief assessment tool for tobacco, alcohol, prescription medication and other substance abuse.