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Primary and Specialty Care Providers

Patients are looking to their doctors for direction on the best treatments for their emotional and behavioral health issues. Mindyra provides new technology to assist you to arrive at a more precise diagnosis and treatment plan quickly. In other words, the technology is designed with the help of doctors to fit your workflow. 

Create the treatment plan with a few clicks

It starts with Mindyra’s proprietary, self-administered, online Mind Health Survey™, which can precisely indicate over 60 mental health conditions. Algorithms are then applied to the results, which are integrated with your EMR, to help you create the best, evidence-based treatment plan, including psychotherapy and psychopharmacology, with a few clicks.

Treatment progress can be measured with Mindyra’s proprietary, self-administered, online Care Progress Survey™, just as you might do for somatic conditions with a blood test.



  • Child Assessment
  • Adult Assessment
  • Child Progress
  • Adult Progress


  • Structured Interviews
  • Differential Diagnostics
  • Treatment Guidelines
  • Psychiatric Consultation

Conditions - Children and Adolescents

  • ADHD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Plus 51 more conditions

Conditions - Adult

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Plus 55 more conditions


Learn more about how our mental health diagnostic tool empowers you to arrive at a more precise diagnosis and treatment plan.

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