Clinical Professional Pricing Guide

Mindyra provides significant ROI: reimbursments far outweigh the price of the software.

How Our Pricing Works for Clinical Professionals

Try Mindyra for 60 days, see how it fits your workflow, improves diagnostic accuracy and treatment outcomes while saving you time, reducing no shows and generating incremental revenue before you pay a dollar in user or testing fees.

Monthly Base Price per User

What percent of your patient visits have an ICD-10 beginning with "F"? Are you spending a disproportionate amount of time with them? Are they a high percentage of your "no shows"? How much is this costing your practice?

Professional level user includes M.D.s and Nurse Practitioners.

Support lever users include M.A.s, P.A.s, nurses and front desk.

Price per Test

You order blood tests, MRIs and more to help you pinpoint your diagnosis for physical illnesses, why not order a standardized, validated test or two to help you make a more precise diagnosis for mental illnesses?

Mindyra's testing center has our three proprietary tests and many of the most used specific condition screeners like the PHQ-9. These tests are all available online and the results are automatically posted to the patient's, electronic progress summary and reports.

List of Electronic Tests

Price Per Patient Per Month (PPPM)

One price per patient per month gives your practice unlimited testing, reporting and usage of the Mindyra platform.

Using various CPT codes, your practice gets reimbursed for administering Mindyra's proprietary tests and digital health tools. Reimbursement amounts vary by test and based on payer and state. 

With these reimbursements, your practice can realize a return on investment of up to $3.00 for every $1.00 invested.

See How Mindyra Can Change Your Practice

Learn how you can save time, treat better and revolutionize the way you approach emotional health with Mindyra.