Healthcare System Administrators

Unrecognized and untreated comorbid behavioral conditions dramatically increase the cost of care for the patients with chronic somatic conditions.

This fact is back by independent research conducted by Harvard, Milliman, the Milbank Memorial Fund, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the US Government.

How are healthcare systems addressing this key issue?

By slowly and expensively placing therapists in primary care provider offices.

Makes sense since almost 74% of patients go to their PCP first with a behavioral healthcare issue.

The problem is that it’s a slow and expensive process AND there are few tools or systems to thoroughly integrate and manage the care.

Cut health care costs in half

How much can be saved?

  • 75% of health care costs are due to primary chronic conditions*
  • Of those, over 40%, on average, have a co-occurring mental health condition**
  • Of those, over 85% go untreated**

In other words, more than 37% of all patients with primary chronic conditions are not getting treated for their co-occurring mental health condition.

This means 28% of total health care costs, on average, could be cut in half or more.

How Mindyra Helps

Mindyra's proprietary diagnostic assessment and treatment outcome measurement tools are linked to an automated, end-to-end technology for integrating primary and behavioral care.

We are dedicated to working closely with doctors and healthcare systems to augment this integration process.



  • Child Assessment
  • Child Progress
  • Adult Assessment
  • Adult Progress


  • Specialists Vetting & Matching
  • Condition Indication
  • Treatment Plan Options
  • Progress Reporting
  • Physician Coordination

Conditions - Children and Adolescents

  • ADHD
  • Solution B
  • Solution C
  • Solution D


  • Solution A
  • Solution B
  • Solution C
  • Solution D


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