Dramatically Improve Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Easily integrate the treatment of substance use disorder and comorbid mental health disorders to vastly improve patient outcomes.

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Why Many Substance Abuse Programs Don't Work

Over 70% of people with substance use disorders also experience comorbid mental health conditions. While treating the substance use disorder itself can help a patient to safely clear the body of the unwanted substance and dependence, they generally do little to address comorbid mental health disorders. Those comorbid disorders, if not addressed, can contribute to a relapse of the substance use disorder.

What if you reduce or eliminate the substance abuse issue for over 80% of those affected by it?

Numbers Don’t Lie

Significantly improve the recovery rates of people with substance use disorders with coordinated holistic care supported by local providers and the community.


Diagnosing and Treating Comorbid Emotional Health Conditions Improves Outcomes for Patients with Substance Use Disorders

This seems logical. So why are only a third of these patients getting diagnosed and treated for their mental health condition? Until now, care providers have had limited tools and resources to help efficiently get these patients more precisely diagnosed and treated for their comorbid mental health illnesses. Mindyra’s digital health tools reduce diagnosis time while increasing diagnostic accuracy and helping coordinate a holistic program.


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Learn how you can improve your treatment of substance use disorders by addressing emotional health.


Improve Screening

Get substance use disorders and comorbid emotional health conditions screened in one patient self-administered assessment!

Our Mind Health Survey™, one test, can assess for 67 conditions including a all substance use disorders for the total population: adults, adolescents, children and seniors.


The Right Evaluation and the Right Treatment Consistently

Multiple care providers including, general practitioners, substance use specialists and mental health professionals can create and collaborate with Mindyra's treatment planning tools.

Creating and executing on a treatment plan is easier than ever. You are able to create a treatment plan for your patient with just a few clicks.


Connect the Care Provider Team

Mild cases - above team works to implement treatment.

Severe cases - referred to rated 30 day recovery centers (see community resources)

Long Term Care Support - research suggests that with 52 weeks of on going support, less than 20% of patients return to their old habits. With no long-term support over 85% return to a 30 day clinic within 90 days.

Mindyra works with partners to deliver this long term care recovery program using its analytical platform, measuring outcomes over the year.


Potential Return on Investing in Integrated Substance Abuse Care

For Mild Cases: if you don't treat early, it can become chronic and cost up to 4 times more.

For Severe Cases: with no long term support, up to 85% of patients return to a 30 day clinic which costs up to 5 times more than Mindyra's comprehensive long-term care program. 

For both we provide virtual peer group support for after the care treatment is complete.

How it Works

Make it easy for your patients or members to get the treatment they need for their substance use disorder.



Patient completes a self-administered test which screens for each substance use disorder as well as assessing diagnostic criteria for over 60 mental health disorders.


Connect & Treat

Patients can connect with care providers for evaluations and treatment quickly. Connect with 30-day clinics as needed. Long-term tele-care available through our medical partners.


Measure Progress

Monitor treatment progression at regular intervals using our proprietary, self-administered progress surveys.


Analyze Data

Predictive analytics will help optimize care by individual patient. Your care plus our analytics so your patients feel happier and healthier faster! 

See How Mindyra Can Improve the Treatment of Substance Abuse

Learn how you can improve your treatment of substance abuse by addressing and integrating emotional healthcare.

Software that Changes the Way You Treat Substance Abuse and Emotional Health

Simplify your approach to mental, emotional and behavioral health with Mindyra.

See How Mindyra Improve Substance Abuse Treatment

Learn how you can save time, treat better and revolutionize the way you approach substance abuse treatment with Mindyra.