Using Science to Improve Mental Health

Software that leads to more precise diagnoses, customized care options and better outcomes.

Employer Programs

Treating mental health leads to $4 return in better health and ability to work for every $1 investment.

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Healthcare Professionals

More precisely diagnose and treat your patients with mental health issues while saving time. 

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"Mindyra's software is used by over 80 psychiatric hospitals nationwide. We are now bringing that clinical expertise to employers so they can effectively address the growing issue of mental health in the workplace."

Bill Battey
CEO, Mindyra Health Corporation

How It Works

Easy and secure software for employees to self-administer tests and access customized care options from the comfort of their own home.


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"We selected Mindyra to be our behavioral care partner to provide wellness services to the employees of our corporate clients. They have developed a unique, integrated behavioral health solution that works to the great benefit of those in need. They can systematically measure the outcomes of the care programs we deliver together as partners. Corporations are demanding that results driven approach.”

Tom Tegler
CEO of Wellworks For You

The Future of Behavioral Health

See how Mindyra is improving behavioral healthcare and making it accessible and affordable for all.

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