Effectively & Confidentially Treat Behavioral Health & Substance Abuse

What if you could confidentially treat those individuals more effectively so they recover quicker, have much lower relapse rates and performed better on the job?

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Are You Having Trouble Staffing and Keeping First Responders Due To Behavioral Health Issues?

Municipal authorities spend millions of dollars treating emotional health conditions like, depression, PTSD and substance abuse in their employee population yet are still understaffed, having trouble hiring and have ever-increasing healthcare costs.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Emotional, behavioral and mental health disorders are a bigger problem than you realize.


Provide Access to Behavioral Healthcare Consistently and Confidentially

First responders may never get the appreciation they deserve for the work they do, but they should be able to easily get the help they need when they need it. 

Get accurate diagnosis and better care with complete confidentiality. Mindyra’s digital health system provides self-administered screeners and assessments to more precisely diagnose the issues in total privacy. Then connect you with care resources in the way you want with complete confidentiality.


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Learn how you can utilize Mindyra’s tools to provide confidential, accurate diagnosis and access to confidential resources that stem the tide of your workforces’ behavioral health problems.


Get Control of Substance Abuse

Mindyra has specific assessment tools and care resources proven to help speed the recovery from and reduce the relapse of substance abuse. Self-administered screener and assessment assure privacy as do third party care resources.

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Treat Chronic Stress and Trauma

Science shows that repeated trauma alters the neural pathways and injures the brain. These Post-Traumatic Stress Injuries are linked to startling, yet often unreported, rates of mental health illness, which can manifest into substance abuse or worse. 

You need to proactively provide training to help officers build resiliency. After the fact, you need easy access to tools that help more precisely identify treat the issues before they escalate.


How it Works

Make it easy for first responders to get the treatment they need easily, quickly and confidentially.


Test and Diagnose

Your employee completes a self-administered test, assessing diagnostic criteria for over 60 mental health disorders.


Treat and Educate

Their doctor creates a treatment plan in minutes based on proven, evidence-based algorithms.


Measure Progress

Treatment progression is monitored at regular intervals using self-administered progress surveys.


Analyze Data

Predictive analytics will help optimize care by individual employee. Informed care with our analytics for your employees' increased well-being!

Improve the Lives of Your Workforce

Learn how you can improve treatment of emotional and behavioral health to improve the lives of your workers.

Software that Changes the Way You Treat Employee Health

Simplify your approach to mental, emotional and behavioral health with Mindyra.

Change the Way You Treat Emotional Health Today

We are passionate about partnering with municipal authorities to improve behavioral health. Drop us a line and we will reach out within 1 business day.