Cure the Leading Cause of Lost Worker Output

Effectively addressing your workforce’s emotional health improves output while reducing overall spending on healthcare.

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Are You Spending a Ton of Money Treating Chronic Conditions?

Most employers know that they spend the majority of their healthcare dollars on their employees with chronic health conditions. But did you know that at least 37% have comorbid mental health conditions that have not been diagnosed? That’s critical since they are costing you up to 4 times more than they would if they got treated for their mental health condition as well.

What if you could quickly and affordably treat those individuals for their mental health issues as well. How much money could you save? How many employees lives could be improved?

Numbers Don’t Lie

Emotional, behavioral and mental health disorders are a bigger problem than you realize.


Treating Emotional Health Reduces Chronic Care Cost

Identifying those employees with chronic illnesses who also have a behavioral health issue is the first step. Getting them properly diagnosed and treated is step two.

When you do the math, your overall spend on healthcare can be reduced by 15%. The 15% drops directly to the bottom line.


Get Control of Substance Abuse

Mindyra has specific assessment tools and care resources proven to help speed the recovery from and reduce the relapse of substance abuse. Self-administered screener and assessment assure privacy as do third party care resources.

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Learn how you can reduce spending on employee healthcare, while simultaneously creating happier, healthier employees.


Increase Employees' Well-Being

Employees who know they can get help with their emotional and behavioral issues in complete confidentiality are assured that their employer values them and sincerely cares about their well being.  It’s clearly a path to increased worker output and satisfaction.


Reduce your overall healthcare costs up to 15%

The math is clear. Up to 85% of an employer’s healthcare dollars are spent on chronic illnesses. The data shows that 37% of those employees have comorbid behavioral health illnesses that are undiagnosed and untreated.

By helping those employees get their behavioral health issues diagnosed and treated, an employer can reduce its total healthcare expense by 15%.

Do the math.

How it Works

Make it easy for your employees or members to get the treatment they need from the comfort of their own home.

Test and Diagnose

Your employee completes our proprietary test, assessing diagnostic criteria for over 60 mental health disorders.

Treat and Educate

Their doctor creates a treatment plan in minutes based on proven, evidence-based algorithms.

Measure Progress

Treatment progression is monitored at regular intervals using our proprietary Care Progress Survey™.

Analyze Data

Predictive analytics will help optimize care by individual employee. Informed care with our analytics for your employees' increased well-being!

See How Mindyra Can Reduce Your Healthcare Costs

Learn how you can reduce spending on employee healthcare, while simultaneously increasing your employees' well-being.

Software that Changes the Way You Treat Employee Health

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