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FOR EMPLOYERS:  De-identified, aggregated reporting is provided to a employers so they can see how well each wellness program is working and monitor their employees' satisfaction.




FOR EMPLOYEES:  The Mindyra Care Progress Survey™ (CPS) measures the progress an employee is making in four key areas of functionality: family, self-care, social, and work. It helps employees track their progress and see how their chosen care plan is working.


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How the Care Progress Survey™ Works


CPS How It Works


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Increase the Return On your Investment in Healthcare, Guaranteed

That's right. Mindyra guarantees that you will increase your ROI for your healthcare investment or your money back.

What Mindyra Data Insights Can Do For You

Make faster, more accurate, healthcare decisions with Mindyra's comprehensive, authoritative and filtered data.

Stop guessing about which programs are most effective at improving your population health and reduce your costs.


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