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The Power of Investing in Mental Health

Investing in employee mental health has the greates impact on the quality and cost of healthcare for employee populations



Impact of spending on mental health t

In other words, spending $1.00 on mental health actually has an impact of $7.72 on your company's total healthcare spend, an 8x leverage factor.

Leading Edge Technology That Supports Employees Along Every Step of Their Mental Healthcare Journey

It's easy and secure for employees to self-administer tests and access appropriate care options from the comfort of their own home.


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New Study Reveals Gap Between Workforce Health Needs and Employer Wellness Offerings

  • There is a misalignment between employer perceptions of workers' health-related challenges and employees' self-reported needs.
  • Findings reveal an opportunity to improve benefits engagement and value by increasing options that feature personalized support and provide data-driven evaluation of program impact

Source: MOBE


What Mindyra Data Insights Can Do For You

Make faster, more accurate, healthcare decisions with Mindyra's comprehensive, authoritative and filtered data.

Stop guessing about which programs are most effective at improving your population health and reduce your costs.


Data Lake Machine Learning Applied (1)


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Increase the Return on Your Investment in Healthcare, Guaranteed

That's right, Mindyra guarantees that you will increase your ROI for your healthcare investment or your money back.

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Learn how you can reduce spending on employee healthcare, while simultaneously increasing your employees' well-being.